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The Garden City of Asia


SINGAPORE for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time all in the year 2016. You might be thinking it’s my favorite country because of the number of visits I did there for just one year. But Nope, it isn’t my favorite country BUT it is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in South East Asia aside from my homeland (The Philippines)  of course 😉 Singapore is a combination of true civilization, very modern but is still able to keep a refreshing nature. The streets are just naturally decorated with the healthiest leaves, grasses,trees and flowers in the middle of all the super high-rise buildings! Just amazing! 

That’s why it is named as the “Garden City of Asia”

My first visit to Singapore was a luxurious type of a trip. It was also my first solo trip. I stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel ( I must say the nicest, most elegant one in town ). That trip robbed my bank account but it was one of those times when you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world, and all you can think of is “I need to get outa here” Though that trip left a big hole in my pocket it was all worth-it. I will write all about this trip on my next blogs to come.

From luxurious to Backpacking. Literally backpacking!! hehe! That was my 2nd trip to Singapore with my friend Ruth. On my first visit, I have only seen all the richness of Singapore and I knew that there’s another side of the country I wanna see and YES there is! This 2nd trip is all about simplicity and local life ( hostel living, local life interactions, street foods, commutes, in short HEAVY BUDGETING ). I will be writing about this trip on my next blogs to come.

Literally Backpacking haha!!


Make sure to follow me and read my next blog about “Surviving in Singapore” for 3 nights and 4 days  for only 20k all-in with air fare!

Now is the cheesy part ❤ From luxurious to backpacking to “SG with Love” trip hehe.. My boyfriend and I went on a 21-days SE Asian trip and Singapore was our first stop. It was his first time and of course as you know, it was my 3rd haha.. That trip was a mixture of my 1st and 2nd trips as I was showing him what Singapore has to offer like his own personal tour guide for FREE! It was the best out of the 3 trips I took ever. We conquered Singapore from north to south, east to west. Wait for my blog about this trip, I promise it’ll be worth the read.

So, that’s a quick glimpse of Singapore. I am sure the pictures say it all. It is a fabulous country. It’s very modern yet very environment-friendly at the same time.

There are a lot of things to do and visit namely, the Universal Studio, Gardens by the Bay, Little India, Chinatown and many more. Watch out for my next blogs that’ll showcase everything that you can see and do in Singapore. From luxurious to budget travel.

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