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Getting to Can Gio Island Vietnam for only P450 (USD 10)

Can Gio Island Vietnam is home to a thousand monkeys and a beautiful, wide, open beach. How did we get there with spending only  P450.00 (USD 10)? 

Yes 450 pesos (USD 10), sounds absurd but here’s how we did it.

My boyfriend and I took a 21 days South east Asian trip and Ho Chi Minh is our 3rd stop. Having a nice and semi-luxurious trip in Singapore few days before that, we decided to cut our cost on our next stop.

Obligatory selfie upon arriving at the hostel.

So, we  decided to stay at Vietnam Inn Saigon for 2 major reasons. First, it’s really cheap, for as low as $6 you have a bed, free breakfast and free drinks (2 beers per day) We didn’t get the dorm rates though because we chose to have a little privacy so we paid $20 for a private room with the same free stuff as stated above plus free Vietnamese meal (dinner). Great deal huh? Yes it is! And secondly, it is centrally located and is easy to get around.

For updates rates, go to Hostelworld.

SO, here it is! How did we reached Can Gio Island from Ho Chi Minh spending only P450 (USD 10) for two people already .

When you are in Vietnam, everything seems cheaper. You can book cheap tours from your hotels but we decided to do it the local way with the help of our new friend Nhi, she is Vietnamese and is living in Saigon.

So first, as I’ve mentioned, our hostel was centrally located so we just waited for a bus (#20) going to the port where we rode a ferry-boat to Can Gio island (around 50 km from Ho Chi Minh city). The bus fare was 5000 VND (USD 0.22) which is equivalent to 10 pesos. The ride took 20-30minutes as the bus stops for passengers. Upon reaching the port, you buy the tickets which is another 5000 VND (another 10 pesos)  After a few minutes, we arrived at Can Gio Island and took a bus (#90) to go to our first stop, the Monkey Island.

Monkey island is a sanctuary for a 1000 free roaming monkeys, lots of mangrove and a few crocodiles. It listed in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The entrance fee is VND 30,000 (USD 1.4 / P66.00)  Upon arriving, we were greeted by some relax and some aggressive monkeys. They were a little bit scary at first because they will attack you if they see you bringing juices, water or if you have your bag just hanging freely. Some tourists said, they also take phones so you really have to be careful when you visit there. Put your bag in front of you all the time and hide your phones and snacks haha.. Our friend Nhi got attacked because the monkey saw her bringing a C2 juice in a plastic that she was holding. But once, you get accustomed to them just walking right next to you, it’s really fun and amazing!  They were very entertaining and playful.

And oh! their circus and museum is free. You only pay one time for the whole place.

After spending 2 hours there, we headed to Can Gio Beach on a motorcycle that charged us VND 10,000 each (USD 0.44/ P21 ). That’s after some haggling, we were lucky we had a local with us because if not, it could have been higher. So literally, there were 4 of us in a small motorcycle including the driver haha! But we got no complain, we were on budget and it was an amazing adventure.

Can Gio Beach

AND the beach was worth the 21 peso ride. It’s beautiful! It has a very wide open shoreline.  We arrived there around 4pm and it was the perfect time. The clouds were so clear making the wide shoreline appear wider and brighter. We wanted to watch the sunset but we need to rush back to the port for the last ferry- boat trip which is at 5pm.

We were also able to visit the Can Gio market, it’s crazier than most Philippine markets and that makes it interesting. All kinds of sea foods are everywhere when you walk in. You buy them raw and the vendors will cook them for you. The prices are incredibly low too. Locals usually go to Can Gio market or sometimes at the beach (small vendors) to buy fresh seafoods to cook at home.

Pardon me for the blurry picture, the market was very busy, crowded and wet so I wasn’t able to snap a good photo. Oops! hehe

So, calculating the fares (P102 each back ‘n forth), entrance to Monkey Island (P66 each) that is a total of P168.00 (USD 3) each. You can count the rest as good food and snacks especially for our Vietnamese friend who took her time that whole day touring us around. She deserved a treat.

And I received a treat too.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg
I have the sweetest most creative boyfriend in the world.

Definitely made my day! There is nothing more heart- warming than to travel with your love who also loves you back. To explore the world together, experiencing all kinds of adventure.

Have you traveled with your boyfriend too? Share your story. Comment below.


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