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Faces of the Black Hills

Mount Rushmore -a dream come true for American Dreamers!

American Dreamers like myself.


Growing up in a little province, I have always seen these four faces in the calendars, books and movies. Never did I expect that the day will come for me to stand right at the foot of their grounds.

I felt like I am in the same calendar I used to just see this picture. And that’s when you know, you just had a “dream come true”.


View of Mount Rushmore from the helicopter.

Mount Rushmore was named after Charles E. Rushmore. The faces of the Great White Fathers  were sculpted by Gutzon Borglum with the help of his son Lincoln Borglum. There has been a lot of people behind the success of this national park. Learn about them here.

You might be wondering why these four presidents?

Don’t worry I wondered too.

The national park has an exhibit wherein I learned about how Mount Rushmore started. And from there I found out that the four presidents symbolize the principles of liberty and freedom. George Washington signifies the struggle for Independence and the birth of the Republic. Thomas Jefferson signifies the expansion of the country. Abraham Lincoln for the permanent union of the states and equality. And Theodore Roosevelt, the 20th role of the United States in world affairs. Read about them at Why these four presidents?

Not only was I able to set foot in Mount Rushmore, I was also able fly over it and see the whole of Black Hills from up above on a helicopter! (It was my first helicopter ride.)  So, that was another dream come true.


As I have mentioned earlier, I am an American Dreamer. I was interested about the American history especially about the Native Americans. Imagine my fascination when I finally met one.

The struggle was real for this one quick photo and quick “Hello, I am from the Philippines” kind’f of thing. I had to chase him and I had no idea how he can walk so fast, it was hard to keep up with him even though I am already literally jogging through a flight of stairs.


So, that was my amazing Mount Rushmore experience. Three dreams came true in one of my dream places. I was the happiest that day. August 25, 2015 to be exact.

If you ever find yourself in Mount Rushmore, your challenge is to look for this spot.fullsizerender-33

Good luck!







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