Charoundtheglobe.com is simply about a girl named Char and the globe.  She is just a girl with a small town origin, whose past is rough and life was tough. Born on a poor family, forced to work to sustain a quality education, sprinkled with luck from God above and now made it on top of the rocks. A traveler around the world with so much to tell.

Charoundtheglobe.com showcases the experiences, learnings and discoveries she had from traveling around the globe. She opt to share the beautiful spots or places that she’d seen, experienced and loved especially to the people who weren’t given the chance to see and experience those beautiful wonders.

She also wishes to encourage more people to live a moving life and explore more because there is nothing more fulfilling than feeling the world outside of your own. There is so much out there! So much life! Her thoughts are powerful and she opt to be heard.

Char’s writings won’t be all about how to travel the cheapest or the most luxurious. These are writings to make people feel her experiences like their own through words, pictures and videos. To show what is out there to see especially for the ones who aren’t given the chance to go out there and experience it themselves. And to the people who are afraid to go out there and explore.

She is Char! She’s the face of charoundtheglobe.com

And that she is me.

Colorado USA


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See you!