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Bayon Temple

Look closely.

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How many faces are there?

Are you wondering how many?

There are more or less 200 faces facing all directions.

And that’s what makes this temple unique from all other beautiful temples in Angkor.  Let’s take a look at the faces closely.


There are 2 expressions on those faces. There are smiling and serene faces. Either or, when you are here, it makes you feel like you’re being watched from all directions.          At first, it felt creepy coz everywhere you look there is that big face on a stone but as I explore more the temple. I found that very nice and calming feeling.  I don’t practice the religion (Buddhism) but here in Bayon Temple I felt so tranquil, too calm and peaceful. I can imagine coming here to sit and just listen to my inner self.  I don’t know if it’s because of the ancient feel of the place or what but I feel the holiness in this place. There is that very nice feeling of comfort. I can now see why this is the favorite temple of our tour guide. This is where he goes to pray and meditate. I remember him saying, “The faces makes me feel like they are listening to me and watching me”.  And I totally agree with him on that.

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This is how the temple looks from afar.  It is stunningly beautiful. I am so proud of the Khmers for they were able to preserve these beautiful temples . From late 12th century, these temples are still standing strong comforting not only the hearts of the Khmers but also the hearts of it’s visitors from all over the world.


A visit won’t be complete without that picture perfect idea with the favorite man of my heart.

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Take yours too. Experience Cambodia! Experience Bayon Temple.

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